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How it works

Symbols Finder

Like in Finder, you can see each symbol inside folders. Each folder is part of a name (separated by "/"). You can find all symbols that contains certain words, and very fast start dragging the preview of the symbol or the name of the symbol to your document.

Symbols Search

Search fast for symbols you are looking for, you can see a list or a preview of each symbol, just drag it to your document, or click on it to select overrides and customise it.

Random Data

For each override, you can set it to use "random data". This can be a random city, a random address, a random number using a specific format, and many other options. You can also search for random images in Unsplash and Flickr using a search term. Or for example a random percentage between 70% and 80%. Use randomize button to set random data for each override on an instance.

Override Text

When overriding a text type override, you can choose from a selection of text types, from number and word to specific topics like "City". For each option, you can use the actual value, select a random value, select a random value from a range, or from a list. When you open for the first time an override of type "text", it will try to detect which text is in it, like date / time / number / text.

Override Image

You can override an image with different options, you can make a search and select or drag it to the "actual" image, and use it. Or you can "set to use 'this' search", that will use the search that you made every time an image is needed, for example when you randomize the data. You can also select a group of images, also from your computer and select a random image from those images.

Override Symbol

When you need to select an override for a symbol, you can preview all your options visually, you can filter, and you can choose to find "same size" or just any size. You can set an override from a different size if you want. Also you can easily find a symbol in other libraries very fast. Just click over a preview symbol, and that will select and refresh the overrides for that symbol,

Pin top/bottom

It is very common that you want to have some symbols on the top of the list, or maybe on the bottom, is very common to use special characters to sort them this way, but wouldn't be better if you can just select a symbol and "pin to top". Then as you can see in the image, everything pinned to top will show on top, and bottom on bottom. You can also favourite things if you want, as an another way of group them.


When selecting a symbol, you can see all overrides on the side, in the same way you see them on Sketch. The difference is all the possibilities that this enables. You can write a new text, select a new symbol, or press the three dots button at the right of each override, that will open a lot of new functionality that you can see below. Also you can fast "hide all styles", so you can focus on the actual overrides, or you can hide/show all locked overrides, in case you need to set an override that for some reason was locked to be hidden in the list. You can then, "drag this" symbol to your document, create a new one in the selected page/artboard, or you can "update selected symbol" in the case of using the button in the bar to update an instance.

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